Choosing the best hair salon can unfortunately be a huge and not a very enjoyable task. Luckily so many magazines like, IN STYLE and bloggers like myself are here to assist you.

    The easiest way to find a hair salon or hair stylist suited to your needs is to ask people with hair styles similar to what you want for a referral to their hair salon. These may be people you know or complete strangers that you see while you are out and about. Don't be shy, anyone would take it as a complete compliment! If you see a cute style that you have been unsuccessfully trying to achieve, ask the person which hair salon they go to. You may never get a chance to do so again.

    How to choose the right hair salon and a hair extension artist in Scottsdale that you know is a true professional and certified? You currently do not need a license to do hair extensions in Scottsdale so make sure to ask the stylist during your consultation if they have trained in hair extension classes and have certification. This will tell you if you are working with a true hair extension professional in Scottsdale that is qualified to do hair extensions, and therefore helping you choose the right hair salon in Scottsdale.

    Another thing that you can do to make sure that you choose the right hair salon in Scottsdale is to schedule a consultation. By doing a hair extension consultation allows you to "get a vibe" from a hair salon before making a commitment. During a consultation, you can observe the different techniques that the stylists at the hair salon are using and how they interact with their customers. A consultation also gives you the chance to express what you want and receive feedback from a professional, all before the first snip or color is made.

    A professional stylist in Scottsdale will talk with you – and listen – to learn about your lifestyle activities, hair care routines and preferences, and will take stock of your hair type, hair condition, face shape, skin tones, and other physical features that may determine the best hair styles on you.
    You may not have found your best hair salon in Scottsdale If you happen to see any of these red flags, that can be easily detected to warn you of impending disaster. Here are just a few:

    A professional stylist

    Dirt and grime

    A clean hair salon is mandated by the state in which you live, but some salons still tend to push the envelope where cleanliness is concerned. Look for sanitary procedures such as the use of clean combs and brushes and a clean work station. If a hair salon feels dirty, take that as a clue. Look at it this way, if the stylists of a particular salon do not take enough pride in their hair salon to keep it clean, why would they take pride in the work they do with their customers?


    The hair salon is a work place as well as a gathering place, and you should feel like you have stepped into a professional yet friendly, customer-focused environment. Again, it’s all about pride. Hair artists who take pride in their work will do what it takes to create the right atmosphere and total experience for their customers.

    In the end, it may take a little trial and error to find the right hair salon in Scottsdale but you can make your search easier by following the above advice. I always encourage doing your research and making a consultation.

    I mean you cant trust just anyone with your hair. Hair gone wrong is something that happens unfortunately way to often. Getting your hair cut and colored is a very important job and you need to be able to trust your stylist and be certain that he or she hears and truly understands exactly what you’re wanting. Now here is some more advice on how to make sure you find the right hair salon.You want to be sure that the first quality in your hairdresser is obviously his or her professional expertise. We have all experienced or heard of "that hair stylist" who cuts your hair shorter than you want or messes up your hair color is obviously not the best hairdresser!  I wish you where not easily able to find yourself in this situation today, but unfortunately in my many years of doing hair, i have seen it happen way to often.

    Getting your hair cut and colored

    So, to avoid this happening choose a salon or stylist that you have researched. That way you are sure to end up with a competent stylist who is worth the money spent and visit.Another essential factor to look for in your hairdresser is their ability to listen. As a stylist, you need to be absolutely confident and comfortable dealing with clients, you need to be attentive and able to listen to what they want in order to truly see and satisfy their needs. You absolutely need to have a sense of trust and mutual understanding, so that you can come out of the salon with a hairstyle that looks and feels the fabulous way you want to feel when leaving the salon. You’ll never know if the cut itself is perfect, but if you are able to style it easily, and it looks great, that’s all that matters!

    Finally, the hair washing! This is what we all love the most about our salon visit! It also helps to determine the quality and how much your stylist really cares! I always make sure to give a very cleansing shampoo, you want you scalped scrubbed! I also make sure to give you an amazing, blissful head massage, not only taking the time for your conditioner to fully be used to the utmost benefit, but also letting you truly relax before seeing your new, fabulous hair. Also, before your stylist begins to wash your hair, your hairdresser should ask you what type of products and treatments you usually use on your hair. This will help decide what direction to either go in or what it is that you should be changing in product care. All of this is just a part of ensuring the best condition that your hair can truly be in.

    My best advice is to have a clear idea of what you want before you go in to the salon. If you are unsure of how to explain exactly what you want to your stylist, I always recommend to bring in at least three photos, two of what you really are wanting and one that you do not want! Everyone sees color differently, especially a professional stylist and a client that is not familiar with color theory. 

    Again, finding the right stylist is nearly as difficult and stressful as finding the right mate, I mean am I right? The client-stylist relationship involves trust, communication, loyalty and just like dating, finding a stylist can be awkward and expensive - repairing a botched or mullet looking cut or hair color gone wrong can cost you hundreds of dollars, many hours and sessions in the salon and intense repair at home. Not forgetting your dignity, appearance, and happiness. 

    Please do some research. The easiest way is to ask someone you see with a style you like, where it is they go. Usually people are more than willing to talk about there hair and stylist, I mean, who doesn't love a compliment?! Also, I always suggest visiting potential salons and stylists. If you go to a salon it doesn't mean you have to get your hair done. Its alright to take the time and make sure you make the right choice for you. Any professional is going to understand you wanting to be cautious. I never mind people even sitting in the waiting area to see the atmosphere and work going on. Also, trust your instinct. If you feel a good vibe with a stylist, trust it. If you do not, do not get your hair done with them!

    Complimentary consultations are very common and completely okay to request, and many local salons offer special events, free treatments on select days, free bang trims and client loyalty programs. Be sure to find out what the salon's policy is if for whatever reason you end up not loving your service. Will a stylist or salon fix the (hopefully no issue) at no charge? How long do you have to determine after your service to decide if you love it or hate it?

    Aging Hair

    With age unfortunately hair does more than just turn gray, it does becomes thinner, weaker and can start to fall out.A simple shape is most flattering for thinning hair, to many layers will accent the thinness. If a stylist is recommending significant layering, just do not. A good stylist should know to also ask about what products you are using on the daily, as correct product usage is absolutely essential to duplicate your style and blowout that you receive when you leave the hair salon.  For women with natural or uniquely textured hair, the key is to find an educated stylist whose top priority is healthy hair.

    top priority is healthy hair

    Ethnic or curly hair

    You want to absolutely find someone who specializes in African American hair, Asian, or curly hair. This is not a talent all stylists have unfortunately. A top professional (as myself), will have taken the time and training to work with all types of hair. You want someone who does scalp analysis, someone who can prescribe a specific treatment and custom style for you. They should touch your hair, look at your scalp. There are so many options today to help you in your hair needs, whether you are wanting to keep your hair curly and frizz free, or if you are wanting a change and a life without frizz or curl. Always ask questions, and you will be able to determine whether or not potential salon or stylist knows what they are talking about.

    keep your hair curly and frizz free

    Your potential stylist should ask specific questions about how you wear your hair at the current moment and how you plan to style your hair in the future. This information given will determine what the stylist's approach will be, as well as the tools and products that will be used.

    Colored and processed hair

    Whenever you are new to a stylist, I always recommend that you should schedule a consultation before hand or before your scheduled appointment to discuss the full range of color options and ideas to correctly choose the right one for you. This should help you avoid any miss communication, and therefore avoiding you not getting exactly what you are wanting. Ensuring that you leave your new found stylist and hopefully new "color mate" the happiest and satisfied as can be. Ask about touch-ups between regular appointments if you just want to hide the gray, and how often you need to reschedule your appointments...

    Best of luck!
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