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    If you have ever bought a box of hair color from your local drug store and tried to color your hair, you probably understand the reasons why it’s important to book with a hair color specialist in Scottsdale for your hair color services. Just refer to, IN STYLE magazine for there tips as well!

    While it seems easy enough, coloring hair is both a science and an art. A hair color specialist in Scottsdale, AZ has not only gone through cosmetology school but the will also have completed additional training in advanced hair color techniques and spent six to 12 months assisting a working professional, before the even begin to book clients in the salon.

     The hair coloring processes can involve using any of the following: temporary, semi-permanent and permanent hair dying, bleaching or lightening hair, applying lowlights and adding highlights. A properly trained hair color specialist in Scottsdale has the training and experience to perform all of these color services as each one requires a different knowledge and skill set.

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    Choosing a hair color specialist In Scottsdale, Arizona to perform your color services ensures that you will not get the results you are wanting to achieve. Color done at home or by an inexperienced hair professional can leave your hair damaged from over processing. Damaged hair can appear severely dry, brittle, and lifeless and in extreme cases hair can begin to break off.

    A well trained hair color specialist in Scottsdale, Arizona understands the art of hair color and how to work with color to bring out your best features. It may seem like there is only one shade of blonde but the truth is, there are many. Each person is unique – some people choosing to go blonde require a color that has more of an ash or cool tone to it while others need more of a gold or warm tone. Color specialists know how to analyze their client’s skin tone and features and then use that data to recommend the best color.

    well trained hair color specialist

    It doesn’t stop there. A color specialist in Scottsdale, Arizona must know how to mix the colors and tone if needed to achieve the correct end result. (Myself) Jessi Allison is one of the absolute best of the best color specialists in the Scottsdale area. If you are considering a new color or are in need of corrective color, give Jessi Allison a call to schedule a consultation.
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