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    Who wants longer or thicker hair? Maybe you’re after one, or maybe you’re after both. Either way, you’re in luck! Hair extensions have taken off everywhere as a solution for those wanting to fake what they weren’t blessed with naturally. Especially in Scottsdale! In fact, they are so commonly used these days that sometimes those without extensions get the question: “Is that all your real hair!?”

    How cool is it that, that is what my clients get all the time! Either way, if they’re unsure enough to have to ask, you’re doing something right! But where do you start? What type of extensions are the right ones for you? What’s the difference? What is it gonna cost me? How long will they last, and what if I get sick of them?

    Well, no worries i have broke down the answers simply for you below. As someone who totally endorses extensions as a temporary solution to feel great about your own hair, I can tell you I get asked about them a LOT.

     I also wear hair extensions and have been for many years! I love it, it means people are interested in new trends, and I love to share what I know about the industry I love so much. So see what the best option is for you, even if you’ve never even thought about hair extensions. Just like COSMOPOLITAN magazine says, there are many things your stylist should be telling you.

    hair extensions

    Micro Bead Extensions: I am certified for many types but I believe in bonded extensions because they are SAFE and GENTLE to your own hair! Please READ and trust me when I say that if you are going to have someone put extensions in your hair, you want to make sure they are certified to offer the service or your hair path the price. These are what you see on the red carpet—Paris Hilton, The Kardashions, Beyoncé, etc… they are who made us all aware of this type of extensions, when they go from a bob to super long length in a matter of days. No, it wasn’t some fabulous shampoo…it was hair extensions.

    They Use a keratin bonded individual strand and are attached to your own hair using a silicone micro bead that acts as a protective “cushion” to protect your hair. They last up to 5 months or longer with proper care and will cost anywhere from $700 to $2000 typically for a full new set. Remember everyone is different with different hair needs and a consultation is required for any client interested in hair extensions. This technique is the safest and most natural, also the most permanent way to wear extensions.

    So if you live in the Scottsdale area, and are looking for a hair salon that specializes in hair extensions, then you have found your top salon and hair extension specialist! If it is your first time doing so, you might want to take a step back and consider what you are looking for, as well as what to expect with the process and what your options may be. Getting hair extensions in Scottsdale can completely change your look quickly, without the slow process of growing out hair or even dying hair if you are looking to try extensions in various colors. So it’s best to be prepared before you go. Getting hair extensions in that look natural is key. You never want to walk out of the salon making it clear that you have gotten extensions! You should walk out feeling like your hair extensions feel like they are your own.

    looking for a hair salon

    The first step is to make sure it matches your hair texture. You don’t want straight hair extensions with curly hair, or vice versa. Make sure it matches properly. Plenty of extensions can be styled along with the rest of your hair so that they blend and look completely natural. Blending is beyond key to make sure your hair extensions look like the are your own. Choose a hair color as close to whatever your current color is (or are wanting) as possible, unless you want the illusion of it not being real. Even then, don’t go too far in an opposite direction or it may be obvious the hair is not your own. Also, be careful about hair length. You can definitely experiment if you are feeling bold but if you are just starting off, something not too much longer than what you are used to may be a good first move, unless you are ready for a fun and drastic change.

    Rememer, take your stylists advice to heart. They are the experts, after all, and can best match colors to your hair and styles to the shape of the face. The next time you get hair extensions in Scottsdale you can walk out looking like a superstar. Now that you understand some of the basics, you will want to schedule a consultation at my Scottsdale location. I am highly skilled with hair extensions in Arizona, that can assist you in making the right choice to suite your unique style.

    When you are watching the red carpet, celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Eva Longoria have shoulder-grazing bobs one day and long, luxurious hair by the time they are onto the next red carpet. These stars don’t have super genetics as it would seem ; rather, they depend on hair extensions to change up their length whenever they feel like changing their hair style. Thank goodness, hair extensions aren’t just for the red carpet but are available for the rest of us non-celebs! You can easily achieve your own personal hair transformation with the help of your hair extension artist and your own set of glossy hair extensions. Are you yet tempted to add some length and volume to your locks?

    -Again, I tell ya, Do Your Research!

    Choosing the right hair stylist to help you achieve your hair goal, length, and look is absolutely essential if you want the final look to truly blend with your natural hair. I always recommend matching with a hair stylist by asking questions such as what methods of hair extensions they have trained in, what lines of hair extensions they use, and making sure to discuss your lifestyle to determine what type of hair extensions would be best suited for your desired outcome, you also need to figure out how dedicated you’ll be to keeping up your hair extension maintenance.

    Choosing the right hair stylist

    -Pick a Hair Extension Method That Will Work Best with Your Hair and Hair Type

    Whether you’re looking for an instant hair length transformation or a hair length commitment, the texture of your hair is an important factor when it comes to what method of hair extensions your hair stylist will recommend. Myself and team of stylists will always help to guide you to pick the right hair color and hair texture for your hair. How you do that is to match the hair extensions to the color at the end of your hair. You do this so that when the hair extensions are applied, there is an absolute seamless transition from the roots down to the ends of your hair and the hair extensions will then blend perfectly with your hair, giving you an absolute natural look so that no one can tell you have hair extensions.

    The most popular methods and types of hair extensions are: clip-in hair extensions, which are the most non-committed option and can very easily be applied or removed depending on the mood of the moment; tape-in hair extensions, which are applied to your own hair by placing a thin section of your own hair between wide bonds that should look seamless and have a keratin-bonded glue attached to them, which then is pressed together and I then like to use the flat iron to fuse the hair extension to your hair.

    My motto is, healthy hair is beautiful hair! Making sure your hair is at its healthiest is a top priority and concern for me and should be for any hair stylist! If your hair has been treated with chemicals or is natural, you are able to use any method. If you do not want the commitment of hair extensions then I suggest using clip-in hair extensions, but making sure to always use 100% Virgin Remy hair (non-chemically treated hair), but if you do not want to worry or deal with the hassle of putting extensions in and out all the time, or if you’re active or like to wear your hair in many different styles like ponytails, half up and braids, I then suggest keratin-bonded hair extensions because they’re the most flexible and your stylist is able to place your hair extensions where they wont show.

    -Remember Your Hair Extensions are an Investment

    For the best results, don’t try to look for a bargain, or a cheap hair stylist, when shopping for your hair extensions, and look for quality over the best price. The top quality hair extensions are made from 100% Virgin Remy Hair. What this means is that the cuticle of the hair is facing all in the same direction. Thus ensuring that the type of extensions you are getting are going to be like your own hair, they can hold shape, volume and even texture. You are going to be able to curl, color, and use a flatiron on your hair. You should be able to run your fingers through the hair extension and see little to no shedding. Hair extensions that are not high quality or 100 % remy human hair can become brittle and not shiny (especially after the first wash) and you just wont be happy.

    top quality hair extensions

    -Make sure you are coming in for regular maintenance

    When you leave the hair salon, your hair extensions should look like its your own hair. With the exception that it is long and gorgeous, people want to know if its real or not. Keep your new locks of hair looking brand new by properly maintaining them once you start styling and taking care of them at home. Like I sated before, clip-in hair extensions are the most low maintenance and are minimal upkeep. To make sure these stay in good shape, when you remove them, gently comb out any tangles before washing them with a sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoo and conditioner like Orbie', Unite, Color Prof, or Davines. To dry them, blot them with a towel to remove excess water and let the extensions air dry. You can then use a flat iron or curling iron, with your styling products to set them how you would like.

    If you decide on tape-on or keratin-bonded extensions, they are going to require a little more work. Wash your hair only using sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoo focusing on the roots, and then condition your locks only from the mid-lengths to the ends. Make sure your hair is 50% dry by gently patting it with a towel, (do not pull on the hair or it will cause damage) before blow drying or using your various heat styling tools. Also, make sure to keep your styling tools away from the tape and keratin bonds. I know its tempting to just want to shower and get into bed, sleeping on wet hair with these extensions in is a major do not.. you need to make sure your hair is completely dry before your head hits your pillow, and braid it into braids or a low pony tail to prevent tangles.

    -How Comfortable Is Your hair Once Its Installed

    It should not hurt once the hair is installed. If any section of your hair is causing any pain or discomfort after your hair stylist has put in your hair extensions, you need to call them and make a return to the hair salon to make sure the extensions are in properly. If you have clip-in extnesions, try unclipping the section its in and moving it slightly to grab more of your own hair, and re-clip.

    -Know When It’s Time For New Hair

    As much as you will love your hair, you’re going to have to part with your hair extensions after some time and either invest in new hair or no longer wear them. Clip -in hair extensions luckily can last up to a year if you take care of them properly. Tape-in extensions can last six to eight weeks, coming in for a move up. Keratin-bonded hair extensions can stay in 8-12 weeks.

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